[NON-ADMINS] General advice when replying to applications

Applications for admin-positions and other positions can be posted here.
Forum rules
Upon accepting you must contact me - it is your responsibility.
Upon declining you mustn't post a new application until at least a month after your previous one.
Do not flame threads and do behave nicely towards applicants and admins alike.
Everyone is allowed to post their opinions (opinions of admins will however be of more importance), but do keep civilized at all times.

Before posting, read the applicants guide. If you've failed to do this, your post will be declined immediately.
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[NON-ADMINS] General advice when replying to applications

Post by Doggie52 »

For those of you commenting on applicants (especially for non-admins): post once, include your opinion about the candidate and/or any previous encounters with him/her. That's it, you're participation is no longer needed and you can simply leave the application. Should you want to update your reply, do not post another reply - instead, just edit your already posted reply.

Avoid directly addressing the candidate with specific advice for two reasons: a) you are not the one making the decision (therefore your advice could be completely misguided and not at all reflect my, or other admins', opinion) and b) you do not want to get into in argument with me, the candidate or other members in someone's application thread. That is both disrespectful to the applicant and to the community as a whole.

With that being said, I do want to point out that I am not discouraging anyone from replying to an application. My decision is helped very much being hearing different people's opinions about a candidate. Do, however, keep in mind that I (of course) listen more to admins than to non-admins.
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