Applying for an administrator location.

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Applying for an administrator location.

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Hey, going to try my hand at applying for admin status in the game Counter-Strike 1.6, obviously I do not think anyone remembers me but for one and a half years ago, I was very active in the game server "Rats_2k4" went under the nickname "rK wot ". I started to miss it all so now I have decided to start again.
Anyway, now I thought I'd answer your questions and hope for the best ^^ Also, my english aint the best so bare with me :)


Do you regularly TK on the server? : As i can remember, no.

Do you regularly annoy other people? : Never, i show respect to all players, aggressive as unpleasant.

Do you regularly spam your microphone? : No.

Do you swear a lot? : Outside the computer screen, it happens quite often, but not on the game servers / communities with people nearby.

Do you share your Steam account with anyone (this includes your close relatives)? : Nope, and i never will.

What is your name? : got a french name wich is : 'André wall' (Not french)

What is your in-game name? : ' rK wot :7 '

What is your Steam username? : ' Farligkatt1337 '

How old are you? : Im a boy on 16 winters :)

Where do you live? : Live in a cozy little house in 'Sweden'.

Do you have any previous admin experience? : Alot of "Amxxmod" experience, scripting and so on. Been doing with scripting in a couple of years and I have to say that I got better and better with each passing day.
Admin abuseing is not my thing, I do not give special treatment, I treat all players with as much respect, always.

Why would you fit as an admin (long answer, please)? : Like i said, I treat all players with as much respect as others, and I believe that an administrator who goes after everyone's opinion may be needed. I am kind and helpful, listening to what others have to say (not saying that other administrators do not!) AMXX knowledgeable and scripting, a lot of AMXX, so the clearance of cheaters and such will be no major problems ^ _ ^
Played the game counter-strike for many years now so I know a lot about the game.
I also have zero show of tolerance against RACISM, Is there any kind of racsim such as' WOG, F**king Whitey, (etc) on the server, it will be banned immediately, because if it's one thing I can not tolerate, it is Racsim.

I do not know if you have any rules against racsism, but I think you should have.

What game do you generally play (CSS or CS1.6)? : Cs 1.6
Do you have anything else you would like to tell us? : Sure, as I said my name is 'Andre wall' and im a guy in 16 winters,i live in sweden in a cozy little house near the school, i also used to play here as "rK wot = 7," etc., but those days ended when my steam acc where stolen, I don't know how it happened but it was a day after I had signed up on this community. I do not blame the community for stolen it, but back then I could believe anything.

Now I know that you can 'crack' the game by utorrent, but I use the usual steam verision.

Anyways, i got alot of hobbies too! Such as , "Floorball" , "Hockey" , "Table tennis" and "Football" (Not the american one!)

And that's pretty much it, im sorry if the application got too short but i did try my best to introduce me as a person and how i would be if i got the Administrator spot.

Thanks !

- "rK Wot =7" (i've really missed to play with you guys :) )
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Re: Applying for an administrator location.

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Sure I remember you, of what I can remember I think you are a nice guy and so on :) I don't remember anything bad about you so... But you have not been active at all at the forum and therefore, I will say no at the moment. If you become more active here, I think you have a good chance to become an admin! :D

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Re: Applying for an administrator location.

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Nice application.

PS: Racism*
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Re: Applying for an administrator location.

Post by Doggie52 »

I've been very lazy with our administrator applications, and for good reasons. We are not in need of administrators right now, and unless someone really stands out they will most likely be denied. You, unfortunately, haven't been with us for a long time and you've not been active enough for us to get to know you. That, and a few other reasons, forces me to deny your application.

I do see potential in you, though. Your English is alright and you seem to me like you could become a worthy applicant if you become more active with us!
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